Our Mission

At “One Soldier At A Time” we stand with and support the Hero and the Hidden Hero. Whether it’s the mom or wife holding down the fort while their lived one is serving overseas,  our men and women with boots on the ground protecting our Country, or the Veteran who like those currently serving signed on the dotted line up to and including their lives to protect our great nation. 

We are dedicated and I am dedicated to truly making a difference in the lives of our military. My heart breaks for what they go through. Those with boots on the ground separated from their loved ones and now have a new family to depend on whose lives literally depend on each other. To the Veteran who has lost their purpose and passion and reason for living and just doesn’t know where to turn next. Maybe they just need a kind word and to know someone cares. Or to the mom whose son is serving overseas and she hasn’t had any communication from him in 3 months. Not knowing where he is, what he’s up against or if he struggling internally. The isolation is deafening.

I understand because I was that mom and we will do all we can to help make the difference in all of their lives one Hero and Hidden Hero at a time.

Lauren Coe