Our Impact

The empty seat at the table speaks louder every year.

Hidden Hero Gifts 

Christmas, Valentines Day and Mother’s Day we provide beautiful gifts to our local military moms, wives, dads and husbands who are left behind while their loved one is serving overseas. This is our way of recognizing them that although they did sign up for this war they are 100% effected by it. The empty seat at the table. The empty side of the bed. The sink that just won’t drain. The pipes that froze. 

The one who would normally fix it is facing their own enemy trying to protect our country to give a better future and a hope for who they are fighting for. It is a vicious circle but one we can help to soften the blow by standing in the gap and helping those left behind to not feel so isolated and alone. Giving them a gift is wonderful but letting them know they are not alone and that they have a community standing with them is priceless. We help to bridge these families together. 

Suncare/Goodie Packages Project

It is an honor to serve those with boots on the ground. 

While our men and women are protecting us here state side we are doing our part to stand with them. The last thing they should have to think or worry about is protecting themselves from burning. We provide a 50 SPF sunscreen, After Sun Gel, Lip Protector, multiple feel good items from home and a cherished hand made card expressing our appreciation for their service and sacrifice. Giving them a taste from home helps to realize they are not in this war alone, that they matter and that someone is praying for them at home.

Hygiene Packages of Hope Project

What many people do not realize is that a Veteran is someone who signed on the dotted line up to and including their lives for the United States of America. What that means is simple. Unto death I will serve and protect all of America and the rights we believe in….life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

Many of our Veterans did not return from the fight. Many did return but were missing a huge part of themselves. Whether they came home mentally or physically wounded and quite often both they now are living a new normal that we cannot even fathom to understand. Their world is turned upside down and they are trying to figure how to fit back into society. It is a daily struggle. 

They knew their job while serving our Country but back here at home is a whole new playing field and they need our support to help give them some of the tools to make this transition possible. When we take better care of ourselves and are dressed better we innately feel better about ourselves. So when our Veterans are empowered as such they can put their best foot forward in getting a job, holding down a job, seeing their family and assimilating back home or back into society with a greater success rate. 

What we put in our hygiene packages of hope are just that; hope. 

Items they need to feel better about themselves and knowing that the entire community is standing with them.
There is a handmade card in every package with words of encouragement and signed by a fellow American. 

We all know a Veteran and thank a Veteran on a regular basis however let us thank a Veteran in a tangible way. By giving them some of the tools they so desperately need to “be” their best and realize their value in the work place, at home and in society. 
Providing these tangible items are already a game changer but involving the community to support our Veterans and giving any person a place a play to make a difference is paramount in making sure that our Veterans do not get swept under the rug. We are bringing awareness to the community.
Whether we have a 3 year old volunteer counting out 9 pieces of candy to put in a package, the shut in who cannot stand but can sit and make cards, the person with traumatic brain injury who wants to make a difference and helps stuff stockings for our Christmas project, the girl scouts who want a project they can feel good about wrapping gifts for deserving military members, ES&L bank employees who want to make cards and collect items needed to put in our packages, the local students from the honor society making cards and collecting items needed for the packages and the multiple people who reach out to us from the Community Wish Book page is endless!!!!! Every person who wants to make a difference can be a part of creating a healthier future for our Veterans and their families. Bringing community together to “be” the difference is where it is at!
This project while it is for our Veterans has made a huge impact on the the community as well. We truly believe everyone wants to be a part of a better tomorrow but they just do not know how to go about it. We give them the how and all they have to do is their part. I am deeply humbled to say that our fellow Americans have come to the plate in ways I never would have or could have imagined!

Every dollar used is allocated to support our Veterans and their immediate needs including 10% of my personal income annually. 
With great appreciation we salute all our fellow Americans who have stood with us and those we get to serve.

Thank you for all you do!!! I was a recipient of one of your Christmas baskets. You will never know how much it meant to me to be thought of as this is my son’s first deployment and I was (and still am) missing him so much. I know others will be blessed by your mission the same way I was.
Thank you!

God bless, Jill Harris

Dear Lauren,

I received the call last week from the Avon village office that I had a gift basket from One Soldier waiting for me. I was so excited and it made my day when I picked it up and opened all the packages of Mary Kay pampering things!! Thank you so very much and God bless you and your cause! I am a mom of two toddlers and have been strong for them while my husband is in Kuwait but that means putting myself last. It was so nice to enjoy something for just me.
Thank you again!

Emily Cameron, Lima, New York