Our Impact

The empty seat at the table speaks louder every year.

About Our Hidden Heroes

For our Hidden Heroes it is a reminder that their loved one is not at the dinner table. That seat is empty… very very empty. It is a constant reminder… that their loved one can’t pick up the kids from school, dance or basketball practice, can’t stop on their way home and pick up milk, bread or eggs, isn’t able to fix the sink for 10th time, shovel the driveway, fix the hot water tank that just exploded with what looks like Niagara Falls all over the basement floor or get that pesky spider… which is what usually throws them over the edge!

These Hidden Heroes are exactly that. Almost hidden from society… not noticed for their sacrifices every day. Unappreciated for having to “DO IT ALL”… and almost made to feel like there’s something wrong with them that they aren’t in a cheery mood during the holidays.

Talking with these women and feeling my own “birth” pains of my son at boot camp and then the special training they must go through so they can learn to protect themselves, each other and our country… WOW! It’s a lot to handle. I’ve heard from many moms and wives that they are hoping their loved ones escape with not just their bodies intact but their minds and hearts aren’t destroyed by what they’ve seen. That when their loved one comes home, the war didn’t take another huge piece of them leaving them with only a remnant of what used to be… their son, their daughter… their husband… sometimes they are just an empty shell… and that is absolutely heartbreaking to me. Our Hidden Heroes are the home town heroes standing in the gap so our military men and women can protect our great country.

May we show them the love, respect and support they are due. That is why I continue to do what I do with One Soldier at a Time. And that is why I am here with you today. To ask your help to stand in the gap for our Hidden Heroes, the ones serving overseas and those who have already signed that blank check up to and including their lives… our Veterans.

Thank you, Lauren Coe

Thank you for all you do!!! I was a recipient of one of your Christmas baskets. You will never know how much it meant to me to be thought of as this is my son’s first deployment and I was (and still am) missing him so much. I know others will be blessed by your mission the same way I was.
Thank you!

God bless, Jill Harris

Dear Lauren,

I received the call last week from the Avon village office that I had a gift basket from One Soldier waiting for me. I was so excited and it made my day when I picked it up and opened all the packages of Mary Kay pampering things!! Thank you so very much and God bless you and your cause! I am a mom of two toddlers and have been strong for them while my husband is in Kuwait but that means putting myself last. It was so nice to enjoy something for just me.
Thank you again!

Emily Cameron, Lima, New York